Once you’ve invited your team members to your account, you can organize them into teams. This is helpful if you want to represent different departments within your organization, or if you want to be able to assign an entire team to a particular task or project.

In the People section, you can create new teams easily by selecting the arrow menu next to the primary Teams folder. There you can create new team folders and easily drag and drop your team members into the relevant teams.

When you have teams defined, you can easily assign whole teams to a task in the Assign people drop-downs or you can also invite an entire team to a project under Project>Settings.

You can also report easily on team activity in the Overview>Reports section, by selecting, say, the marketing team when running a Task report.

Remember, only people who have been invited to projects can see them, so if you want certain team members to have access to projects for reporting reasons, make sure to invite them to projects, as well.

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