Using the Timesheet icon (the clock icon located to the right of the Add button in the Main navigation), you can enter timesheets for your projects. Start by selecting the week that the timesheet applies to and then use the "Add Tasks" button to choose your tasks to assign time against them.

Here are some of the features on this page:

  • Add Tasks: Use this button to select tasks so you can enter time against them.
  • Copy Last Week: The "Copy Last Week" button allows you to copy the previous week's timesheet to the current week.
  • Auto-Fill: The "Auto-Fill" button will automatically populate your task list, with all of the tasks that you are assigned to across all of the projects in the system for that particular week. If you click it and nothing happens, then the tasks that would normally appear are already on the list.
  • User: On the top of the sheet, you will see a user drop-down field which allows you to select the user on your team that you want to enter timesheets for.
  • Date: Using the date selection field, you can choose the week that you want to enter timesheets for. You can also find previously submitted timesheets by referring to previous weeks. If a timesheet is greyed out and no longer in an editable state, then it has been approved.
  • Admin Tasks: When adding tasks (via the "Add Tasks" button), we have provided you with some default Admin tasks that can be used to record time for various admin-related activities, such as vacation or meetings. Clicking "Edit" while having Admin selected allows you to customize and add your own Admin Tasks for your timesheets. Note: Admin tasks only appear on this page for timesheet purposes only.
  • Timesheet Notes: You can add comments and files (such as documents or pictures) to any timesheet entry by clicking the comment bubble that appears when you hover over a specific date for your task.
  • Export: Using the export button, you can export all of the timesheet information (filtering by person, project, and time frame and customizing the columns) to Microsoft Excel or CSV formats.
  • Save: You can save your timesheet for that specific week.

Once you fill out your timesheet, choose which person you want to submit your timesheet to. You can only submit a timesheet for approval once you have selected an approver under your profile settings. If you are an approver, you will receive an email that a timesheet needs approval. Upon selecting the link to view the timesheet, you will see a drop-down of people whose timesheets are awaiting approval. Once a team member is selected, the options to approve or reject will appear.

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