To approve a timesheet, first you need to be set up as an approver for that particular person in the system. Under the People page, you can select the person whose timesheet you want to approve to view their profile. On their profile is a dropdown called “Approver”. By default this is set to none. You can then scroll or search for your name or another dedicated approver in the system and click save.

When that person submits thier timesheet for approval, you will receive an email alert. You can also find a list of people who are awaiting your approval on your Timesheets page in the menu.

You can approve or reject a timesheet. If you reject the timesheet, you will be prompted to add a note to accompany the email the person will receive. They will have the opportunity then to update and re-submit their timesheet again. If you approve it, then the timesheet for that user is officially approved and locked and it cannot be edited by that user again.

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