When you click the top right photo on your screen, you can quickly edit your personal details. You can change the following details at anytime:

  • Profile Picture: Change the picture that appears in the top right of your screen and next to your name for your fellow team members
  • First Name: Change your first name.
  • Last Name: Change your last name.
  • Email: Update your email for alerts and login.
  • Phone: Add a number so your team members can call you.
  • Country: Update your country to change relevant holidays in the calendar.
  • Role: Update your role and change your permissions. If your role is changed to "None", you will not be able to login to ProjectManager.com and your account won't count towards the maximum number of paid users.
  • Approver: Set an approver for your timesheets. This user will automatically be sent your timesheet for approval when you submit your timesheet.
  • Password: Reset your password.
  • Hourly Rate: Set your hourly rate so your project manager can better calculate expenses.
  • Skills: Set your skills.
  • Notes: Add any relevant notes to your profile.
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