It's easy to create new tasks in both the List View and Board View.

Create a New Task

Click the "New Task" button at the bottom in the List view. Or, in the Board View, type your new task in the "Add a Task" text box at the bottom of any column. The Calendar View is view only, and you cannot create new tasks in the Calendar View. You can always use the Create Task option from the Add button on any page to create a task regardless of your view.

Task details appear automatically in the List View. In the Board View, simply click on a task to display and edit task details.

The following are editable task details:

  • Task Name: Enter a task name. This can be changed at any time by clicking in this field on the task.
  • Assigned To: You can assign an individual or multiple people to a single task, and the assignees will display here. New tasks in My Work will be assigned to yourself by default, but you can assign them to whomever you wish. Once a team member has been assigned a task, they will receive an email alert.
  • Start Date/Due Date: By default, the start date will be the date the task was created. Set a start date and due date as needed on Tasks in My Work. Project Tasks require both a start date and a due date. Changes to the Project Task start dates/due dates will be reflected on the project schedule.
  • Add File: Any files added to a task will appear here. The file upload limit is 250mb per file.
  • Description: Add a description of the task. You can provide all the necessary details about the task here.
  • Progress: Click to update your task progress on the slider. Progress levels include Started, Halfway Done, Almost Done and Done. Progress corresponds to 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% respectively as seen in the Progress column in the List View and Percent Complete column in the Plan View.
  • Priority: Set your task priority level. Priority levels include Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High and Critical.
  • Hours Logged: Enter the number of hours spent working on this task. This number will automatically update in your timesheet and in the Actual Hours column in the Plan View.
  • Add to the Discussion: Add comments and create a real-time chat with your team members.
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