The List View displays your tasks in an intuitive list format. By clicking the list settings icon in the top right corner of your task list, you can show or hide various task details.

You can show the following task details:

  • Project: This shows the project a task is a part of.
  • Assigned: This shows which team member is assigned a task.
  • Progress: This shows the percentage complete for a task.
  • Priority: This shows the priority level for a task.
  • Files: This shows whether and how many files are attached to a task.
  • Comments: This shows whether and how many comments are added to a task.
  • Due Date: This shows the due date for a task.

You can use the filter icon to choose which tasks are displayed by due date, progress or priority, and you can also choose which order you'd like to sort them in. By default, tasks that have the Progress of Done will not display. Use the Search icon to search for a specific task in the List.

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