The Board View acts like a typical Kanban board. Your tasks appear as Task Cards that display the task name, assignees, due date, and progress. If attachments or comments have been added to this task, then a file icon or discussion icon will appear.

  • You can drag and drop your Task Cards into different Columns across the board.
  • You can also drag tasks up and down to re-order them within a Column.
  • You can add as many Columns as you want
  • Except for the left-hand To Do column, you can rename and reorder your columns at any time.
  • By default, your columns will be To Do, Doing, and Done.
  • All new tasks will appear in the To Do column upon creation or when it has been assigned to you.

You can use the filter icon to choose which tasks are displayed by due date, progress or priority, and you can also choose which order you'd like to sort them in. By default, tasks that have the Progress of Done will not display. Use the Search icon to search for a specific task on the Board.

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