The Overview space is the place you go to see information about all of your projects at once which is helpful when managing a portfolio of projects:

  • Projects: As well as opening, renaming and deleting projects, you can create project groups on the Projects page.
  • Dashboard: The Dashboard gives you a summary of the status of all of your projects at a high level. You can see if they are on time, under budget and appropriately allocated.
  • Reports: The Reports page includes a number of reports which you can customize and run. These reports allow you to easily collect and analyze specific data from your projects and portfolios.
  • Workload: Managing people's workload isn't easy on projects. That's why this Workload page helps you to see whether your people are under or over allocated.
  • Roadmap: The Roadmap page allows you to see an overall picture of the progress of your projects at a summary level. While it's read-only, it helps you know when projects are scheduled to start and finish.
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