The tasks that display in the List and Board views of My Work and Projects can be filtered by selecting the funnel filter icon on the top right, and the List view can be sorted from the same icon.

Both the List and the Board views can be filtered by Due Date, Progress, and Priority in a Project or in My Work. Projects can also be sorted by Assignee. The List view can be sorted manually—the default order that allows you to drag tasks to whichever position you want—or by progress, priority and due date.

The manual sort order is default for the List view, and the only sort order for the Board view. The manual sort order is independent for both the List and the Board, and do not affect each other. The manual order of the List and the Board also does not affect the Plan view. If you are on the List or the Board view for a Project, the manual sort order is shared by all project members: if I change the order of a task, other team members will see that change.

If you want to remove Done tasks from your List or Board views, select the funnel filter icon, and un-check Done from the Progress filter. By default, all tasks will show on all views.

To filter the tasks on the Plan view, select the “Filter” option from the ellipsis menu. You can filter by due date, task name, assignee, whether the task is on the critical path, completion, whether the task is a Summary task, and whether the task is a Milestone.

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