The Project Space is where you can work on existing projects and create new ones. You can create a new project by clicking the Add Button on the main navigation and selecting project. You can also add a new project by clicking the Create Project button in the Project Selector on the left.

Once you choose to create a new project, you will be asked to select a project name and who you'd like to share the project with. You can optionally add more details by clicking "Enter More Details" next to the Create Project button.

All Projects can be viewed in different ways depending on your working style:

  • List: The List View shows all tasks in a project in an easy, single-list format with task details displayed on the right-hand side.
  • Board: The board view uses visual task cards for easy task prioritization. Tasks are organized into columns which can be customized for a personalized workflow.
  • Plan: The Plan view displays your project as a Gantt chart, which provides visual timelines for your tasks. In the Plan view, you can easily link dependencies and track task progress with visual shading.
  • Calendar: The Calendar view displays your task in a color-coded month view.

Project Selector

Once your project is created, it is listed in the Project selector on the left-hand side of the page. The Project Selector displays all the projects that you have created, are assigned to, or have access to. It is collapsible and expandable by using the white arrow tab half-way down, and searchable. Use the Project Selector to access your projects.

Sharing Projects

Share projects with team members by selecting Share in the gear Settings menu. Type in the name of the team member with whom you wish to share it. You can add a note with your share to provide more information.

Sharing a project will automatically grant access to that team member if they don't already have it. If you simply copy a share link, that won't grant access, but rather provide a view-only experience. Your team member will receive an email notification upon sharing.

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