Projects Board View

The Board View is a visual way to plan your projects and prioritize your tasks. Boards make it easy to drag and drop tasks higher up in their existing columns or in a different column. Column names can be customized, or you can use the default columns of To Do, Doing and Done.


  • Columns (except for the To Do column) can be named whatever you want when you group them manually. Simply click the ellipsis icon next to their name to rename them.
  • Columns are comprised of task cards.
  • Create a new column by selecting "+ New Column" on the right-hand side of the board.
  • Cards contain individual tasks with their details such as assignees, comments, attachments, due dates and more.
  • Click on the task card to update task details.
  • Cards can be dragged up and down in a column, or onto another column on the board to update the status.
  • By clicking the Funnel icon, you can filter which tasks appear based on task assignee, due date, progress and priority.
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