Overview Projects

The Projects tab provides a view of all of the projects that you have access to. You can manage data related to your projects on this page, which helps you track and manage all the projects in your portfolio.

Using Columns and Filters

You can hide or reveal columns containing project details, and you can filter which projects are displayed based on status, assigned project manager and more. You can sort by column as well, by simply clicking on the column name. You can also search for a particular project by using the search bar.

Managing your Projects

When you hover over a project name, you’ll see a down arrow that you can click to reveal a menu for additional actions you can take with those projects.

Here are the key things you can do on the Portfolio Projects tab:

  • Open a project: To open a project, simply click on the project name and it will open immediately. The project name will be green if the project status is open.
  • Create new Project: If you want to create a new project, then click on the "New Project" button near the top.
  • Rename a Project: Simply click the down arrow beside a particular project name and then click the "Rename" button if you wish to rename one of your existing projects.
  • Move a Project: To move a project from one group folder to another, simply click and drag the project between folders. Alternatively you can click the down arrow to the right of the project name and use the "Move" button at the top to select the destination folder.
  • Copy a Project: To create a copy of any existing project, click the down arrow to the right of the project name, and then click the "Copy" button.
  • Delete a Project:To delete a project click the down arrow next to the project name and select Delete or click the trashcan icon in the Delete column.
  • Restore a Project: If you need to view or restore your project you can do this by changing the filter to display "Deleted." To restore, click on the "Restore" icon next to the trashcan, which will return it to the Active status.
  • Permanently Delete a Project:If you need to permanently delete a project you can change the filter to "Deleted", select the project and then click the trashcan icon. Note: Once a project is permanently deleted you cannot restore it, so be careful!
  • Project Security:You can view and edit security for a project by clicking the down arrow when you hover over a project name and and then clicking on Security
  • Search Projects: Searching is easy. Start typing for your project name to see a live filtered list of projects matching your query below.
  • Create Project Group: You can create a new project group through the down menu on the top level projects folder. This allows you to create a hierarchy of projects in the system. For example, people often set up project groups as Departments in their Organization, but they can be used for any purpose.
  • Edit Project Details: If you click on any of the data cells within the table (e.g. the name of the project manager, customer, status or priority) then you will be able to immediately edit that information, assuming you have been provided access on the security page. In this way, you can quickly and easily edit project information without having to access the project info page. Note that the project start and end dates are automatically calculated based on the earliest start and latest finish date of the tasks within your plan, so these are not editable.
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