The Reports page includes a number of reports which you can customize and run. These reports allow you to easily collect and analyze specific data from your projects and portfolios.

After you run a report, you can either view that report in your browser, or download it as a PDF or Excel file.

A summary of each report follows:

  • Portfolio Status: Shows you the health of your entire portfolio, based on whether your projects are on time and under budget. People and tasks are factored in when determining your portfolio health.
  • Project Status: This report provides an overview of the status of your project. It helps you determine whether you are currently on time and under budget, and it also gives you a list of all of the overdue tasks that need to be completed.
  • Project Plan: Helps you determine whether your project is on track and when it is likely to be completed. It provides an overview of your schedule and tells you when each task is planned to be finished.
  • Tasks: This report lists all of the tasks that are included within the project you select.
  • Timesheets: This report allows you to extract the timesheets for selected users and projects over a date range that you specify.
  • Availability: Helps you see at a glance whether your project team members are over or under utilized. Each person is listed and their utilization rates are displayed, so you know who is too busy and who is not busy enough.
  • Workload: This report tells you the workload of each person in your team. The data comes from the workload tab.
  • Variance: Tells you how your current schedule compares to the baseline and planned views of the project. This will help you identify whether or not you're going to deliver your project on time.
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