Tasks Report

This report lists all of the tasks that are included within the project you select. This report can be previewed, exported to PDF, Microsoft Excel, and CSV. You can customize the report in the following ways:

  • Title: This is the name you wish to call the report.
  • Project/List: Select the project or List you wish to report on. Alternatively, you may select All Projects, All Lists or All Projects and Lists.
  • Include: You can choose to include tasks which meet criteria you set.
  • Columns: You can choose which columns to include in the report. This includes any custom columns that you have created.

In the Include section, you have the option to include tasks which meet these criteria:

  • Milestones: Include milestone tasks.
  • Summary: Include summary level tasks.
  • Tasks Due: Report on tasks based on when they are due, such as today, this week, anytime or within a date range
  • Started: Include tasks which have started (i.e. are between 1 and 99 % complete).
  • Not started: Include tasks which have not yet started (i.e. are 0% complete).
  • Complete: Include tasks which are 100% complete.
  • Overdue: Include tasks that are not complete and missed their deadline.

In the People section, you can choose which Team Members you want to report on. If you choose a specific team member, the report will only report on their assigned tasks.

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