This report allows you to extract the timesheets for selected users and projects over a date range that you specify. This report can be previewed, exported to PDF, Microsoft Excel, or CSV.You can customize the report in the following ways:

  • Title: This is the name you wish to call the report.
  • Project/List: Select the project or list that you wish to report on timesheets for. You may select All Projects, All Task Lists or All Projects & Task Lists if you wish.
  • From: Choose the starting date for your timesheet report.
  • To: Choose the end date for your timesheet report.
  • Group By: Choose how you want information within the report to be grouped: by project, person, date or none.
  • Report: You can run this report for 'No time recorded' to check on missing timesheets.
  • Columns: Choose which columns you want to include in your report.
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