Availability Report

The availability report tells you who is available and who is too busy to take on more work. This report is based on the number of tasks and the amount of effort you have assigned to people in your project. The key principle is that if you have assigned less work than a person has in their calendar, then they are available for more work over that period. So every time you assign a person to a task it will affect their availability in this report.

The report allows you to enter the report title and choose to include the detailed or summary availability view. As well as choosing the project, you can choose the period that you wish to view the availability for.

  • Title: Enter a title for your report.
  • Availability Summary: This shows, over the period you have selected, how many hours they have available in the calendar, how many hours were assigned to tasks, and therefore how many hours are available for further work.
  • Availability Detail: This shows further detail by setting out the availability on a week by week basis. Again, you can see how many calendar hours they had each week, how many hours were assigned to tasks and how many hours are available for further work.
  • Project: Choose which project you would like report on.
  • From/To: Choose the date range for your availability report.
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