On the Workload page, you will see a list of all of the people in your account and whether they are under or over scheduled for a specific period of time.

How to use the page

  • On the left, you can see all of the people on your team. If you click on a person, then you will see the projects and tasks they are assigned to.
  • To the right, is a series of columns that tell you whether the people on your team are under or over allocated.
  • When a person is expanded to view tasks assigned, you can edit the Planned Hours scheduled on any day.
  • At the top, there are a number of options that allow you to filter the projects, people, and the time period displayed.
  • If none of the people are assigned to tasks in the dates selected, then a message will appear to let you know.

Settings you can apply

  • On the top right there is a Settings gear you can click to view and customize the page
  • Show Total Hours: If checked, this will display the total number of hours in the cells. So for instance, say you have 8 hours assigned to tasks across multiple projects. The number "8" will display in the respective cell accordingly.
  • Show Incomplete Tasks Only: If checked, this will only display time related to tasks which are incomplete.
  • Show Assigned People Only: If checked, this will limit your list of people visible to those who are assigned to tasks within the projects you have filtered by.
  • Show Over-Allocated People Only: If checked, this will only show you people who have at least one day over allocated.

You can set your working hours on the Holidays page. This determines whether a person is over or under allocated. You can also set holidays for people from the Holidays page under the Settings Menu.

What the coloring means

  • Green:If a cell is marked in green, then it means that the person is assigned to tasks for that day, but for less than their working hours.
  • Red:If a cell is marked in red, then it means that the person is assigned to tasks for that day for more than their hours available for that day. They are therefore over allocated.
  • Yellow:If a cell is marked in yellow then a person is assigned on a day that has a holiday. This could be a personal holiday, or a country holiday that applies to the person.
  • Grey: A grey cell represents unassigned tasks.
  • White: A white cell represents non-working days, so you can see at a glance whether the team member is availibile.

How to reassign tasks

  • If you click on a green or red cell at the person level, then a popup will appear. This popup tells you which tasks the person is assigned to for that day.
  • You can then reassign people immediately, through the popup. You can unassign a person, reassign the task to another person, or add other people to work on the task. It will update your assignment on that particular task and when the popup closes, the Workload page will be updated so that you can see the new allocation.
  • You can use this page to quickly check to see if people are overloaded and if they are, then you can easily unassign or reassign others to the tasks. This should save you time and improve your productivity.

To export Workload data to Microsoft Excel or CSV, select the Export button on the top right.

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