In the Overview Space, the Roadmap page shows you at the portfolio level all of the projects that you have access to within your account. By viewing all of your projects on one page, you can see when projects are scheduled to start and finish.

Using the Roadmap:

  • By default, all projects that you have access to will be visible on the page. You can click the small "+" symbol on the left to drill down into each project if you wish.
  • Edit: If you want to edit a project, then select the relevant project and click the "Edit" icon, the folder with magnifying glass, at the top. This will navigate you immediately to the project Tasks page so that you can update the tasks as you wish.
  • Print: Printing the roadmap is as simple as clicking the "Print" button.
  • Filter: The filter option allows you to filter your projects to see those which only have a particular project status, priority, group, project manager or customer.
  • Columns: You can turn on additional columns of data by using the "Columns" button at the top. When you turn on additional columns, remember to move the vertical window slider to the right so that you can see the new columns which have appeared.
  • Settings: The "Settings" feature allows you to change the timeframes, tiers and labels for the Gantt chart.
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