The alerts page lets you configure email alerts for task changes, project changes, timesheets and more. Choose which user or role you would like to set alerts for. If you are a team member, you will only see your name.

General Alerts

General Alerts are email alerts that send immediately when updates are made. For example, you may wish to set an email alert so that if one of your assigned tasks has changed, an email will go to you or the target recipient. This helps you to keep control of your account and be informed of changes along the way.

Scheduled Alerts

Scheduled email alerts allow you to keep informed of the tasks you have been recently assigned, are due soon or are already overdue. You can also receive email alerts for timesheet reminders.

For scheduled alerts emails, you can choose the frequency with which they are delivered. You can choose to receive email alerts hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Note: if you want to have effective task reminders, it is recommended to choose at least a weekly frequency.

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