The People page is where you can add new team members, see every team member's profile. The Directory stores every users profile. The People list lets you access everyone associated with your account. Here you can update user profiles and add people and resources.

Here's a list of things you can do in the Directory:

  • Add Person: Add a new person to the account.
  • Add a Resource: Click the Add person button, but assign them the role of "none." This way, they will appear in the workload calendar and can have an hourly rate to contribute to cost calculations.
  • Team Folders: Sort your team into specific team folders.
  • Edit Profiles: Change the profile information for your team members.
  • Delete Profiles: Delete people from the account.
  • Change Role: Change a person's role to manager or team member.
  • Change Hourly Rates: Change a person's hourly rate.
  • Merge Duplicate Accounts: Merge duplicate accounts with the Arrow icon in the top right. This will move tasks and timesheet data into one account.
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